Testing Texting 1-2-3

So I’m taking a first real stab at this blogging thing.  I’m going through the initial pangs of pain as I learn how to “upload”, “link” and “publish”.  Quite frankly they all sound the same smorgasbord to me, but I’m hastily reminded by Marek (aka Techie Wizard) that they all are quite different.  It’s been quite some time since some or all of you have heard from me.  Well, as I move on up the life ladder, I hope that you will find Suzy blogging as interestingly entertaining as the random email mailings of 2007-2008.  Enjoy and Happy New Year 2009!

3 Responses to “Testing Texting 1-2-3”

  1. MB Hammer Says:

    hehehe… I’m the first to leave a comment! way cool Q… nice site!

  2. Mike Says:

    Hi Suzy!

    You rock! Thanks again for everything and I’ve got your blog bookmarked on my browser. I hope to read more of your ramblings soon. Love ya!

    tvuj Brasule

  3. michael kane Says:

    awe, i hope all is well!!! miss ya, how is everything??

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