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I’ll Walk an Extra Mile for a Vietnamese Smile

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

There are exactly five potravinys (mini markets) that I pass when I walk to the tram stop.

Of the five potravinys, one is Vietnamese owned, two Czech and two Ukrainian.

Never have I ever came close to finding a smile upon the cashier’s faces when purchasing from the Czechs or Ukrainians.  Nor do they even bother to look up at you.  They solemnly stare down at the food items as they click the prices into the cashier.  Upon the grand total, they mumble it out while solely focused on the digital digits.

As I get the money out from my wallet they never hold out their hand for the cash, they just simply push the change tray a little closer to me or point to it, while their gaze is still locked and loaded upon the cash register.

I’m tired of this.

So I remedy this by walking.

And walking further.  By golly, I just want a simple smile that would crescent some teeth.

I have only found this in the Vietnamese run shops.

Upon entering, the cashier is on the immediate left.  He or she always looks up, even in the middle of a transaction and greet, “Doby Den” with a smile.  I stand for a few seconds in time honored awe.  I smile and greet back the same.

I collect the few items that I had in mind and wait in line.  When I get to the front of the line, I’m greeted again by the same smile. Wow, is the only thought in my brain.  To top it all off they even ask me if I’d like a bag!  Holy crap, I hit a gold mine!  Usually you pay 5Kc for a plastic bag, but no not here.  They give it to you, free-of-charge!  Then they send you off with a smiling goodbye.

I watch all the store and must say that I totally admire the Vietnamese living in Prague.  They surely are one of the most hardest working people in Prague.  They open very early for the morning rush and stay opened later then the remaining potravinys in the area.

Walking the extra mile is totally worth it, physically and mentally!

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Thursday, March 4th, 2010

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