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Jammin’ with Marley, Referee Striped Spandex, Me and more…

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

…Sandals with Black Socks, Socks Only is an Option, and American TV Shows with no Sound.  What do these random things have in common?  Well not much as I would never get within an armslength away from Spandex.  However, all of these random items can but none other be found in my new gym, Hit Fitness Flora.  This is a very interesting place to people watch.  I get on the bike or the elliptical, turn up Marley and prepare to people watch.  I namely pick out the Americans from the Czechs.  How do I successfully do this?  Well, once I’ve decided based on their gym apparall, I subtly turn off Marley and wait for their conversation to begin….and BING, I’m right!