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3 Strikes You’re Out or 3rd Lucks the Charm

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Just out of pure curiosty today, I wanted to see how my salary as an Event Manager ranked against the Prague norm.  I was to say the least, dumbfounded.  This string or rope of heartache seems to continuously unravel.  I found an online salary monitor, where I dismally found the national average salary was ranked 2,000 Kc more then my current monthly piggy bank.  I felt a tinge of burn forming up in my right cheek.  To take matters into my own hand I found a salary calculator where I furiously punched in information regarding number of years worked in current field, educational background, market target of the business, current number of employees, current benefits and gender.  The calculator crunched out a number for me.  Wow, I was in shock it was only 100 Kc more then the gross amount that I currently make.  Both cheeks start to furiously turn red.  There surely must be a mistake!  I wiped out the calculation and did it one more time, this time with a small change, I decided that I’d be male.  This time the calculation was 3,100 above what I currently make.  I had exactly the same criteria for both calculations.  I was so wildly furious that I crazily forced myself to retake the test 3X each per gender.  Maybe the salary calculator was short wired and it at any moment would turn into a some slot machine that would come up with some other random combo!  No.  Each time it computed the same disheartening numeric gender discrimination.